Who is Orlando? - Poetry and Truth

 (A self-ironic biography)

Orlando Bay is one of the least influential German singer-songwriters of all time. He developed an unknown and unheard style that mixes everything from rock to classical music, folk songs and jazz as well as sentimental lyrics.


Born in a tiny little house in a boring, sleepy suburb he raised up with two dogs, two older brothers, an unsuccessful `working poor` father and an easygoing but shining mother. He followed everything which does not lead to success. He studied a lot and did not stop studying until he recognized that he cannot make a living out of studying. So he moved to France for daydreaming and philosophizing about life and god.


In the meanwhile he was married and gave birth to a son. To be more precise, to an autistic boy. And there, in the South of France, surrounded by his little family he started to write his messages and his music sitting by his old piano. A black cat that once ran up in his garden gave him the courage to carry on. Don´t give up, she meowed every morning.


„Don´t give up, you still have us“, yelled also his wife and his son to him. So he continued his work and wrote lots of songs, singing along with his piano and producing the arrangements on his PC. But unfortunately he forgot to publish them. He collected more and more songs until he recognized that he cannot find an audience without performing or distributing his work.


But luckily for him iMusician and other aggregators appeared on the surface of the internet, helping millions of people like Orlando to find a way to publish their work without forcing them to be successful and without the help of doubtful music industry agents.


This is the reason why he sat down and decided to write these lines. It is the true and official biography of Orlando Bay, comforting all the people out there who missed to be successful, but do not give up.


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